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Saturday, March 28, 2015

DUPE DAT!!- Drugstore dupes for high end lip products!!

Am I the only one who feels that drugstore lip products are rapidly becoming more popular and people would rather purchase them than similar high end brands?

I did some research to try to find some dupes to some cult favorite lip products that are quite pricey and not everyone is whiling to pay 20+ dollars for a lipstick.
 And to my surprise, almost EVERY high end product had an exact drugstore dupe for an amazing price.

so here are some of the most popular lip products that I found extremely similar dupes for:

 1. Lime Crime Cashmere: So I'm assuming every beauty lover came across the name of this product or has seen it at some point. Cashmere is a unique, mauve liquid lipstick with some grey undertones that adds to the cool tone of this lipstick. The down side of this product is first of all it's price (umm 21$?! I'd rather not..) and second of all, since it's so popular and so wanted, it is ALWAYS sold out.

But I have some good news!! You can find amazing dupes for this product.

LA Splash cosmetics have an exact dupe!! The dupe is called Goulish and is rapidly being purchased, so if you are digging this shade hurry up and get it!

So this is the LA Splash dupe in Goulish 

Almost identical 
And here is the popular Lime Crime in Cashmere

Lime crime in Cashmere

2. Mac Styled in Sepia- so this shade is honestly one of the most unique, flattering lip color i have ever came across. This shade screams 90s in one word. Has a throwback feel on those brown lipsticks that everyone and their mother used to rock back in the 90s (those were the days!!). A light chocolate brown color with cool undertones that flatters every skin tone. Sad thing is it was limited edition and it's sold out everywhere and getting your hands on this product is most likely impossible. 

Good news? I found a very similar dupe!! NYX in Maison is a very similar shade, and guess what?? It's only 6$!!! WhooHoo

So this is basically the classic 90s brown lip color that is rarely
found this days.

NYX -Maison

Mac- Styled in Sepia

3. Mac- Velvet Teddy: so this is probably by far the most purchased mac lipstick since this whole "Kylie Jenner lip trend"  became a thing. A nude color with pinkish brown undertones. But actually a lot of drugstores are coming out with very similar shades.

Revlon has a very similar shade in Mauve it Over.

Here is Mac's Velvet Teddy
Revlon's Mauve it Over

4. Mac's lip liner in Whirl: so according to many people, this is the shade miss Kylie Jenner is using to get her famous lips. NYX has an EXACT dupe in Mauve.

Mac lip liner in Whirl

NYX- Mauve

5. Mac lip liner in Stone: This is a very unique shade. You can almost describe it as grey with brown undertones with hints of plum. NYX has an extremely similar one if not exact in "1000 Years"

Mac's lip liner in Stone
NYX- 1000 Years

6. Last and not least...(drum rolls...) Mac Diva: A burgundy, vampy dark shade. As for this shade, finding dupes was very easy actually. Revlon has a similar shade in Black Cherry. The only difference is the finish. Revlon has more of a satin finish rather than a matte one like Diva.

Another great dupe is Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb.

Those vampy lips though (heart eye emoji)

Mac's Diva

Revlon- Black Cherry
Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb

Monday, March 23, 2015

Shooting In The Wilderness

So it's been quite some time since the last time I posted anything, due to different things I have been going through recently.
Anyway I'm back to blogging and you can expect many new posts coming up soon!! I'm currently working on a cool fashion lookbook that should be up by the end of the week.

So a few weeks ago I was working on a film that was shot in the wilderness (I'm taking a multimedia photography class, I haven't landed any movie roll yet lol), and decided to share some of the behind the scenes pics, as well as my outfit.

Hope you enjoy this, and make sure to check in with my blog again this week for a new fashion video that will be up :)


Striped Tee- Urban Outfitters
Moto Jacket-Forever 21
Mom Jeans-Topshop

Behind the scenes with our beautiful actress Jenni