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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mini Lipstick Haul+ MeNow liquid lipstick review

So lately I've been trying to find dupes for a lot of high end lip products that I have  mentioned a few posts ago. So today I finally got the dupes in the mail so I can review them and swatch them for you.

There was a whole hype about the MeNow liquid lipsticks that are very similar to LimeCrime lipsticks. The shades I got are #18 that is supposed to be an exact dupe for LimeCrime's Cashmere, and the second one I got is in shade 30.

I was also on the hunt for a dupe of Mac's Styled In Sepia that is always sold out and had never been restocked. So I found a very similar one by NYX in Maison.

MeNow  #18(1.30$):

So this shade is allegedly known for being an exact dupe for LimeCrime's Cashmere. IT'S NOT!!!.
This shade has a lot more of lavender undertones rather than grey undertone that are found in Cashmere. This shade is also a lot lighter and has a tendency to wash you off if you have fair/olive skin tone. As for the texture, it dries matt and last all day long, which is always a plus.

MeNow #30 (1.30$):

This shade was not really talked about, but I saw a really nice swatch of it on google and decided to give it a try. It is a beautiful light chocolate brown with cool undertones and extremely similar to Styled In Sepia by Mac.

NYX Maison(6$):

I got this shade in hopes to get an exact dupe for Mac's Styled In Sepia since everyone claimed that the two lipsticks are identical. I never actually owned "Styled In Sepia" so I don't actually know how it would look on my lips, but from what it looks like on others, the shades are very similar. 
The texture of Maison is truly incredible. It's matt but not over drying and applies creamy.
The down side is the smell. It has scent of a very cheap lipsticks but lets not forget it was 6$.

NYX- Maison

MeNow #18
The so called dupe for LimeCrime's Cashmere

MeNow #30
Similar to Mac's Styled In Sepia