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Monday, April 13, 2015

Styles For Less

Hey friends! So today I wanted to do another post about dupes. But unlike my previous post that was about makeup dupes, this time it's going to be fashion steals for a lot less! I don't want to use the word dupe for this fashion items because a lot of the cheaper versions are actually good quality.
I chose to bring some pieces that are pretty popular and timeless and tried to find cheaper alternatives.


*Cheaper alternative : Ebay holographic backpack 30$

2. Celine Nano Bag 3250$ (crazy price ha?)

*Cheaper alternative: Asos Bag 63$

Why pay 3250$ when you can pay 60$?

3. Topshop Joni Jeans 65$

* Asos Rivington Jeans 54$

4. Nike Air Max 90 132$

*Cheaper alternative: Reebok Classic Leather 65$

5. Asos Faux Fur Rainbow Coat 118$:

*Boohoo Faux Fur Pastel Coat 52$:

6. Grafea Clear Backpack 285$

*Cheaper alternative: Ebay clear backpack 16$

Not very similar, but the closest one I was able to find

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