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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Borderline or highly sensitive?

Many people will deal with some sort of mental illness throughout their lives. Unfortunately, many times they get misdiagnosed by the doctors themselves and may be led to believe they are suffering from a specific mental condition when in reality there are many different factors that may make them feel a certain way.

Many people get diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, the majority of them get diagnosed around their late teens or early adulthood. This is critical since at this age most people haven't mentally developed fully and might still feel emotional instability, which is completely normal.

Some people are more sensitive then others and tend to feel things more intensely. It's safe to add that some people are also more aware to the world surrounding them and to little details that other people may not even take to consideration. Many highly sensitive people would be able to admit that they feel "too much", or over think and over analyze certain situations that might even seem irrelevant to others.

To give a more clear idea of Borderline Personality Disorder, here are a few common symptoms:

  • Fear of abandonment 
  • Unstable relationships
  • Unclear or unstable self image
  • Extreme emotional swings
  • Stress related paranoid thoughts  
Now looking at these symptoms, a lot of them could occur to any human being with or without a mental disorder. Such as fear of abandonment or stress related paranoid thoughts could be caused by something that took place in the past and results with a certain behavior pattern that we use as a coping mechanism.
This does not mean that people with borderline personality disorder should be ashamed of it in any way, but often times they are made to believe that their feelings and emotions are not valid and are only a part of their disorder. It could be extremely confusing for someone with borderline personality disorder to differentiate traits of the disorder to actual emotions that come up due to certain situations in life.